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Strength of the Jaguar



Strength of the jaguar fertility terracotta statue. Mythology, believed to bring good omen and strength during pregnancy. Order yours today!

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Handmade clay/ceramic sculpture of an elder Karaja woman blessing a pregnant jaguar humanoid figure. The figures are embracing each other as to form a protective circle between them. This is part of the mythological beliefs of the tribe and the bond they have with the animals from the Amazon, it is also believed to bring good omen and strength.

Background information:

Karajá, also known as iny mahãdu, are an  indigenous community whom inhabit the banks of the Araguaia river across the Amazonian region, crossing the states of Goias, Mato Grosso, Tocantins and Para in Brazil.

The craftsmanship of the Karajá tribe is often the most important source of income to the tribe and Karajá family.
The making of the ceramic figures - called in the native language as ritxòkò (female) and ritxòò (male) - involves traditional techniques handed down from generation to generation. The ceramic work is exclusively produced by the women, the process is developed using three basic raw materials: clay or mud, ash, which acts as anti-plastic; and water, which moistens the mixture of clay with ash.
The ritxòkò have deep social meaning and great importance for the Karajá community, they are important instruments of socialization reproducing the social-cultural and family planning aspects of the tribe by demonstrating mythological motifs, rituals, everyday life and fauna as part of the teachings which are then passed on to the next generation.

Approximate measurements: Double figurine, proximately 15 cm tall, base is 13 x 10 cm
Composition: Clay / painted by hand using tree extracts
Ethnic tribe: Karajá / Banks of the Araguaia river across the Amazonian region

Brazil arts and crafts will also issue a certificate of authenticity with all original indigenous arts and crafts stating the day of produce, name of the artist and or tribe as well as the origin.

Each piece is crafted individually using indigenous techniques by the native Indians from Brazil, no two items will be exactly alike, subject to changes, hand painted motifs may be different from the one illustrated above, small cracks are natural and common in these figurines due to the natural drying process of the clay. Our products provide the main source of income for the tribe and their families as well as working within the local laws and regulations in order to protect and preserve the local natural resources and way of life.

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Strength of the Jaguar

Strength of the Jaguar

Strength of the jaguar fertility terracotta statue. Mythology, believed to bring good omen and strength during pregnancy. Order yours today!

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