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Brazilian arts and crafts open to the world!

(United Kingdom, London) An exciting new venture has opened its door to the world promoting exclusive hand made Brazilian arts and crafts. The web-based online gift shop, focuses on promoting regional high quality sustainable handcrafts that are unique and eco-friendly, while at the same time helping to support and generate jobs to local Brazilian communities who rely on their arts and crafts as their main source of income.

For the past two years, Brazil arts and crafts have been working hard to source goods and build strong relationships in different regions around Brazil including indigenous communities, promoting strong environmental views focusing on sustainable product and fair trade. Their goal is to give something back to the community and at the same time to insure that local knowledge and traditions are passed on to the next generation and not lost, be it Indigenous or popular art.

The ever expanding online catalogue offers you the opportunity to own a very unique gift, all products are genuine Brazilian crafts, hand made individually and produced per order using natural resources , not mass produced or “made in China,” making it one of a kind and personal. Due to its nature, delivery time can take up to 28 working days as some items can take a number of days to produce and come from very remote regions.

The company also wants to do more by donating 5% of its profits from all online sales going to Survival, a Non-profit organisation working for tribal peoples' rights worldwide.

The Survival organisation was founded in 1969 by a group of individuals concerned about the well being of tribal people after the genocide of Amazon Indians. Survival focuses on the most vulnerable tribal peoples, those who have the most to lose. These are usually those less able to articulate their own views, and the least contacted by, or ‘integrated’ into, wider society, and often face complete destruction from disease and land theft.

About is a family-owned and family-run company created by two Brazilian brothers living in the United Kingdom. Anderson and André come from a retailing family that has run small boutiques in Brazil for generations.

UK, London based Brazil Arts & Crafts online gift store, is rapidly becoming the largest speciality retailer of traditional and indigenous Brazilian arts and crafts. Specialised in sustainable and eco-friendly crafts, hand made art produced by small communities and artisans from various regions of Brazil. 

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