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Golden Grass - Capim Dourado

Sustainable Crafts

Discover the sustainable gold that is taking the world by a storm. Golden grass, the Brazilian golden plant with a long gilded golden stem which is only found in the Jalapao wetlands. Its main characteristic is its natural brightness and golden colour, hence its common name “capim dourado” .

The plant is protected by law regulating the manner and time of harvest. It can only be harvested between September 20th and November 20th. At harvest, the flowers bud is cut and scattered in the wet grassland where they were harvested. It is illegal to market the golden grass before turning it into craft, this supports the sustainability of the handicraft work and the livelihoods of those producing it. The art of working with golden grass was previously taught to local women by indigenous people throughout the region around the 1930s, probably from the Xerente ethnic group, by using spines like needles to weave and sew the grass. This technique still very popular today and has been passing on from generation to generation.

We source directly from artisans' communities and producer-owned associations that come from remote regions deep in Brazil. These communities have found a very powerful way to support their families by making desirable eco-friendly jewellery and home decorations which they would then sell to local people and travellers visiting the region.

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The artisan community work unsociable hours and in extreme conditions to support their families with their amazing craft skills, transforming raw materials that nature provides into stunning eco-jewellery, utensils and home products, creating unique pieces without throwing anything away.

Our work is to help these underprivileged communities of artisans by selling and advertising their golden grass products worldwide, giving them a platform to showcase their amazing work. We strongly believe in the welfare of these communities, we can achieve this by encouraging fair trade while focusing on item quality and authenticity rather than quantity. The artisans are in full control of their products and decide on their prices and production time.

Located in deep Brazil within the Amazonian region, the community of quilombola do Mumbuca, a small village located in the furthest remote area of Jalapao, today a modest village of mostly slave descendants is home of the popular crafts made from golden grass. The humble community consists of around 200 inhabitants, literally a large family born from the mixing of Indigenous people and runaway slaves from around 1909 seeking refuge and a better way of life.

The community is very humble and accommodating, during our visit I was introduced to Dona Santinha, one of the matriarchs of the village, she instantly welcomed me into her home and offered me a seat to have lunch with her family. After lunch, we sat by the hammocks fixed outside under her mango tress, where Dona Santinha welcome me and my travelling companions with open arms.

For years she has been teaching her crafts knowledge as well as the ancestral songs and poems to the new generation, telling us the history and different methods, teaching us lovely songs that are sang during harvest and crafting preparation. A loving person whom I will not forget. is not only selling these beautiful and unique crafts from Brazil, we are also donating 5%  of our profits from online sales to Survival, an organization working for tribal peoples' rights worldwide.

We believe that we can make a difference in people’s lives by supporting their work and showcasing their skills to the rest of the world. Show your support today by visiting our catalogue of selected golden grass products.

Dona Santinha, one of the master artisan of the village. Teaching her crafts knowledge to the new generation.

Located in deep Brazil within the Amazonian region, the Brazilian Jalapao wetlands.

Community of quilombola do Mumbuca, a small village located in the furthest remote area of Jalapao.

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