Brazilian Valentines Day

Brazilian Valentines Day

Brazil, home to multicultural ethnic groups, celebrates every festival in an extravagant way and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Brazilians have been known to be passionate lovers and as such the festival of Valentine’s Day holds a very significant meaning in their lives.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the World; it’s a commemorative date on which people celebrates the loving union between couples on the 14th February every year. However, for cultural and commercial reasons (carnival season, the biggest celebration and holiday in Brazil), Brazilians celebrate Valentine’s Day on the 12th June, the eve of Saint Anthony, also known as “matchmaker”, believed to bless people with good marriages.

This special day is known as “dia dos namorados” in Portuguese, it is celebrated all over the country with an exchange of gifts (mainly hand made crafts that symbolises a unique gift made from the heart) , featuring exotic decorations across the cities, bright colorful displays and night long parties.

Brazilian also love to cook a special dish for their loved ones on valentines’s day, just like their vibrant culture, Brazilian food are rich in flavour and very exotic if cooked right. My partner always compliments me when I cook one of the many dishes I learned as a child/adolescent in Brazil. You can find some exciting and easy to prepare Brazilian dishes on Brazilian Chef blog.

Here is an easy and delicious recipe from our friends at Brazilian Chef. Delicious chocolate truffle ideal for Valentine’s Day. Nothing says I love you like chocolate!!! Link to recipe. 


Brazilian chocolate truffle (Brigadeiro)


Delicious truffles

To Brazilians living abroad (like my self), we get to celebrate Valentine’s Day twice a year, making this special day even more special.


Valentines gift ideas

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