Exotic gourd art from Brazil.

Exotic gourd art from Brazil.

Letícia Baptista, renowned by her great visual art work, has released a new range of gourd dolls depicting a mixture of culture and art of the Brazilian folklore, with contrasting colors and sensuality with great focus on the Afro-Brazilian culture, and other Brazilian types, gaining recognition and appreciation around the World.

With her unique personality, she developed the Bapi Designer work through a contemporary reading provoking the immediate requirement of beauty and originality.

The dancers portray the art and culture of different regions of Brazil, the bright colors and graceful movements of the dolls are inspired by the rich Brazilian folklore and Afro Brazilian ethnicity. These exotic gourd dolls are beautifully crafted and portraits fine art in every way. The attention to detail and graceful posture adds both character and elegance to these intriguing masterpieces.

The new collection of Bapi Designer dolls was inspired by the Afro-Brazilian culture, which arrived in Brazil in the 16th century when the Portuguese Empire begun to colonize Brazil and bringing in slaves from Africa.

The paintings depict the daily life, traditions, religion and the natural aspects of each Brazilian region, creating a fusion of colors, shapes and movements.

Each piece is unique in design, carved and painted individually using various techniques and natural resources, working within the laws and regulations of Brazil, in order to protect and preserve the natural resources of this exotic country.

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