New fashion trends

Exotic eco-fashion

New Brazilian fashion trends for 2013

Brazilians are very well known for their samba and football, now get ready to learn about their amazing exotic eco-fashion accessories.

The beautiful eco-jewellery is made from natural materials such as seeds, natural fibres, coconut shell, nuts, sea shells, mother of pearl, golden grass, wood, bones, feathers and fish scales; it also incorporates other natural elements such as metals, gemstones and/ or semi-precious stones. Such materials are sourced and extracted in a sustainable way without causing any damage to nature. All raw materials are found in different regions of Brazil and at different times of the year making this eco-jewelleries truly exotic.

The designer behind this exotic Brazilian handmade accessory range values the charm, awareness and beauty of the contemporary 21st century woman and relies on the help of skilled artisan labour to craft the jewellery, which is finished in gold and silver.

Importantly, the production of eco-fashion is characterized by the development of a process that does not release any harmful residues during production. It is also a process that strengthens the Brazilian culture, since all of the materials sought reflect the values, customs and traditions of different regions of the country. is proud to offer and support the work of jewellery designer Adriana Lanna with the goal of developing women’s accessories, made with 100% natural raw materials. Find out more about her creative designs on our online shop.


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