Awá tribe is one of the last nomadic hunter-gather. © Survival

Amazon attacked by loggers

Indian tribe in the Amazon attacked by loggers.

The original post was first reported on the 26th February 2012.

It has been reported that a settlement of isolated Awá Indians was recently attacked by loggers in the Amazon rainforest. Remains of an Indian child have been found in the burned camp suggesting the child was burned to death.

Burned camp

Burned down Awá camp. © Survival

Investigations show that at least four families of the Awá tribe lived in the camp; the tribe has not been seen since the attack. 

The Awá tribe is one of the last nomadic hunter-gather groups of indigenous people living a traditional life in the rainforest. However they are suffering brutal attacks in the hands of illegal loggers who are threatening to kill them and destroy their way of life.

To find out more, visit and watch the film. Source:  Survival International