The gourd dolls are perfect, great detailed work. It is the center piece sitting on top of my fire place, everyone is talking about it.
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  • Eco fashion

    Eco-jewellery is made from natural materials such as seeds, natural fibres, coconut shell, nuts, sea shells, mother of pearl, golden grass, wood, bones, feathers and fish scales; it also incorporates other natural elements such as metals, gemstones and/ or semi-precious stones. Such materials are sourced and extracted in a sustainable way without causing any damage to nature.

  • Golden grass - Accessories

    Golden grass is a grass like species which only exists in the remote areas of the Amazonian region of Brazil in Jalapao, state of Tocantins. Its main characteristic is the legitimate natural golden colour, hence the name "capim dourado," which translates to "golden grass."

  • Gourd Dolls - Cabaça

    Gourd is the fruit of the gourd vine also known as cabaça, a plant belonging to the Cucurbitaceae family. These intriguing and fascinating handmade crafts comes from the region of Minas Gerais in the South East of Brazil.

  • Indigenous craft

    Exotic Brazilian cultural heritage. Representing the ancient cultural expression of indigenous tribes from Brazil. These indigenous crafts are of great artistic value giving you part of the folklore, customs, traditions and characteristics from different ethnic tribes.

  • Gift vouchers

    Ideal as corporate gifts, staff rewards or incentives. They also make great secret Santa, Christmas and Birthday presents, as well as for Father’s Day and Mother’s Day when you are not sure what exactly to buy!

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